We are always keen to hear your views on our services.

Check out our latest consultations below. Remember, we're always keen to hear your views all year round. Find out how to get in touch with us on our Contact us page.

Investing in your community

DGHP tenants are being asked their views on rent levels for next year. We have sent all tenants a rent consultation brochure setting out our proposals and options for 2022/23.

The views of tenants are hugely important to us - and we want to hear what you think about what is proposed.

You can have a say by filling out the form sent to you and returning it in the envelope provided, or going online at

You will need your security code printed on the consultation form to do this.

The consultation closes on 28 January 2022.

Guide to consultations

We’re always keen to hear your views on our services and how we can get better. One way we do this is by carrying out consultations.

We are accredited by the Consultation Institute. This means all of our consultations follow the seven principles set out in the Institute’s Consultation Charter.

They are:

  • Integrity – each consultation has an honest intention, that we will listen to and be influenced by what our tenants tell us
  • Visibility – affected tenants and other affected stakeholders are reasonably aware of the consultation
  • Accessibility – affected tenants and affected other stakeholders have reasonable access to the consultation. We will use digital means of ensuring access to consultations where appropriate
  • Transparency – it is clear when the consultation closes, who is collating the responses and whether responses will be published
  • Disclosure – any appropriate information applicable to the consultation is made available
  • Fair interpretation – consultation responses will be collated and analysed objectively
  • Publication – it is made clear of where and when the consultation report will be available.