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Novantie – DGHP’s mid-market rent programme

Novantie Limited was set up in 2008, as a subsidiary company of DGHP Ltd.  It is a company limited by shares, which are wholly owned by DGHP Ltd.  It is a not a registered social landlord and is non-charitable.

As a subsidiary of DGHP, Novantie works in accordance with DGHP’s vision, values and strategic objectives.

The company is run by a board of directors comprising of three DGHP Board Members and two Independent Members.  The Chairperson of Novantie is always selected from one of the three DGHP Board Members and is currently John Hay.

Novantie’s company registration number is SC342899.  Any correspondence should be forwarded to its Registered Office at Grierson House, The Crichton, Bankend Road, Dumfries. DG1 4ZS.

What Novantie does

Novantie’s overall purpose is to undertake commercial and other activities that will generate profits to further the objectives of DGHP in providing high quality housing and services to communities throughout Dumfries and Galloway.

It carries out activities which for commercial, legal or operational reasons are better performed by a subsidiary organisation.  This includes:

  • The leasing from DGHP and the management of the mid-market rented properties that require Assured Tenancy Agreements which DGHP cannot, for legal reasons provide: and
  • The ownership and management of the 17 commercial shops.

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Mid-market rent

This scheme is aimed at those people whose earnings are not quite at a level that allows them to purchase a property or for those that need to or want to rent for a limited period only and can afford to pay more than a social rent.  An example of this is, for those people who would expect to be able to purchase a property in the future and who would be categorised as a low priority in the context of the allocation of any social rented property.

Rents are between those charged for DGHP’s social homes and those charged by private landlords for similar properties.

Mid-market rent homes have a special form of tenancy agreement called an Assured Tenancy Agreement.

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Novantie’s relationship with DGHP

Novantie’s Board of Directors will be responsible for the strategic director, supervision and performance of the company.  The Board of Directors will submit regular financial and performance reports to DGHP, to demonstrate how Novantie is contributing to DGHP’s overall objectives and business plan.

During 2014/15, Novantie’s Board of Directors are:

  • Robert Higgins (Chair) – nominated by DGHP’s Board;
  • John Hay – nominated by DGHP’s Board;
  • Bill Robertson – nominated by DGHP’s Board; and
  • David Telford – Independent

Novantie does not employ any staff directly, but instead purchases staff services from DGHP.

There is an Operation Agreement in place which sets out the role and responsibilies of DGHP and Novantie.  This includes how Novantie is charged for services provided by DGHP e.g. staff time etc.

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Novantie properties

Novantie properties are available on a first come first served basis (subject to application approval). Our current available properties are available here.

All properties, commercial and those under the mid-market rent programme will be advertised on the website and clearly identified by the Novantie logo.

Current commercial properties that are available can be viewed here. Information from upcoming developments can be viewed when it is available.

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How to contact Novantie

BY POST – Novantie’s Head Office is closed to the public but you can send mail to:

Grierson House (View Office)
The Crichton
Bankend Road
Dumfries and Galloway
DG1 4ZS (View Map)

BY PHONE/ FAX – Novantie can be contacted via our Customer Service Centre by asking for our Development team.Opening hours are 8.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Friday. Outwith these times we operate an automated emergency service.

Phone: 0800 011 3447 (freephone) or  0845 606 3447 (charged at network rate)
Fax: 01387 242509

BY EMAIL – customerservice@dghp.org.uk

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