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Investment and Regeneration

The Investment and Regeneration team deal with all the major investment projects on DGHP’s existing homes and also building all the new homes across the region.

Property Standards 

The Scottish Housing Quality Standards (SHQS) outlines a national minimum quality standard that our homes must meet. It consists of a set of five broad housing criteria – each property must be:

  • compliant with the Tolerable Standard
  • free from serious disrepair
  • energy efficient
  • fitted with modern facilities and services
  • healthy, safe & secure.

The deadline for this was April 2015 met through investment programmes in our kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, heating systems and more.  Once completed, SHQS standards must be maintained which DGHP does through ongoing investment.

We are also obliged to meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) standards – this target is based on minimum energy efficiency ratings which would be found on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs); the deadline for meeting EESSH is 2020.

Current Projects

DGHP has a number of investment programmes underway or about to start including

  • a large energy efficiency and heating replacement programme
  • window replacement, roofing and rendering projects

all of which will contribute to meeting the standards and ensure our tenants have comfortable and efficient homes.

In addition, we are about to embark upon a stock condition survey which will cover 50% of  our properties.  This will confirm the data we have and ensure that the new investment work is appropriate to meet our targets.

ISO Status

DGHP achieved ISO status in January 2011.  For DGHP, this internationally recognised standard for quality management systems covers the detailed management involved in achieving investment or development projects, from start to finish.


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