If you own your home, you and your neighbours take decisions together that affect the shared parts of your building.

Shared parts may include roofs, gutters, close doors and landings. Your factor is responsible for arranging the repairs or maintenance work you want carried out.

What is a factor?

A factor is a person, or an organisation (DGHP in this case), who manages the common parts of a property on behalf of the owners. The factor acts on behalf of owners to keep the property in a good state of repair and to apportion costs for common repairs or other works. The common parts of a property include the building structure, roof, close, communal stairway and backcourt.

DGHP, part of Wheatley Group, will remain as your factor if you are in one of our factored properties.

What is my factoring service?

Our Factoring Service

The aim of the service is to “provide a simple, cost effective way of obtaining agreement for, and organising of, common repairs, working with our tenants and other owners/residents, to ensure that multi-tenure blocks are well maintained”.

There are 4 key areas in the delivery of our Factoring Service:

1. Core Service – the minimum service we provide and aims to address the general management and administration of maintaining the common parts of your block/development.

2. Major Repairs – these are repairs in communal areas which are anticipated to exceed the financial authority for carrying out works outlined in your Written Statement of Services.

3. Investment Works – areas where replacement of a significant component of the communal areas is deemed necessary or the most cost-effective option for dealing with a particular repair (e.g. replacement roofs, gutters, etc.).

4. Improvements – areas of work that are not necessary to the maintenance of the communal areas but are expected to enhance or improve the overall quality and look of the building. In these instances, we will consult with homeowners and instruct works only where a unanimous decision has been reached.

What does DGHP as my factor provide?

Our Factoring Service provides:

  • A staff team dedicated to working for the benefit of owners and residents in the management and maintenance of common areas.
  • A responsive maintenance service for minor repairs up to an agreed value.
  • A grounds maintenance service for common gardens.
  • Lighting in communal stairways.
  • A 24/7 emergency repairs phone line.
  • Regular inspections of common areas including stairways, roofs, gardens.
  • Pay contractors and collect owners share of the costs.
  • The opportunity for DGHP to co-ordinate major maintenance works and improvements on behalf of owners including identifying available grant funding.

There is a fixed management fee that pays for the Factoring service and administration of the service including:

  • Research Titles and Deeds of Condition
  • Consultation with owners
  • Regular inspection of the communal areas
  • Creation of a 5-year maintenance plan
  • Issuing invoices for charges
  • Instructing works
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Pursuing bad debts

How do I report a repair as a homeowner?

Homeowners should report repairs or other issues about shared areas to DGHP. DGHP staff will get in touch with owners about any work needed and make sure the costs are shared fairly.

Get in touch with staff by email, online or by phone at 0800 011 3447.