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Rent First

DGHP wants to make all tenants aware of the extensive help and support available to them when it comes to paying their rent.

However, as a responsible landlord, DGHP must ensure that tenants understand it is their responsibility to make sure their rent is paid – either through physically making the payment or by making sure any housing benefit application is valid.

If some tenants don’t pay their rent, all of DGHP’s tenants suffer as money won’t be available to provide and expand the services everyone has come to expect.

David McMillan, Chairman of DGHP, said: “First and foremost DGHP is a social landlord. Like any organisation, we require money coming in to be able to operate and offer excellent services to our tenants. However, we are always here to help our tenants and this pack contains lots of information on support and advice. The clear message is we are here to help, please talk to us.

“DGHP absolutely appreciates, and recognises, those who do pay their rent, however, we must respond to what our tenants tell us – and they want a tougher approach on those who don’t pay.”

That is why DGHP, along with the Dumfries and Galloway Federation of Tenants and Residents (the Federation), produced information packs to help all tenants, if it is needed.

Mary Muir, Chair of the Federation, said: “Everyone who has a DGHP home pays rent – and it’s important that this is paid and paid on time.

“As a Federation we have helped produce the packs with DGHP to make sure that they are easy to read and understand – in plain English. The leaflets are very helpful and provide lots of information and guidance on where to go for support and help should you need it.

“As tenants, we believe people need to realise how important it is to pay their rent – if they don’t services can’t be provided and everyone loses out.”

DGHP staff will be talking to tenants about their rent at every opportunity. This will include thanking those who pay their rent and staff will be offering advice and support on more convenient ways to pay their rent. They will also be making tenants aware of the many services DGHP offers as a direct result of DGHP rent-payers.

Dorothy Grant, Secretary of the Federation, added: “We strongly urge everyone to keep these packs somewhere safe for the future.

“You might not need it just now, but you never know when things might change and the pack is full of really helpful information.”

DGHP offers a 24/7 repairs and maintenance service and, as well as taking care of all the routine maintenance of the properties, also have dedicated in-house teams who specialise in housing support, income management antisocial behaviour, neighbourhood management, community participation and highly trained staff in the Customer Service Centre (CSC). Staff in the CSC are on hand Monday to Friday (8am-7pm) to answer enquiries.

DGHP staff are always there to help, to advise and to support tenants through difficult times.

Chairman Mr McMillan added: “We want our tenants to talk to us if they are struggling to pay their rent – help is out there independently as well if people prefer not to speak to us and we can point people in the right direction for support.”

The packs being sent out to tenants include information on why their rent should be paid, it highlights where they can receive further help and support as well as information on what happens when people don’t pay their rent.

If anyone would like to speak to us about any matter in relation to their rent, or their new packs, they can contact us on Freephone 0800 011 3447 or via email at customerservice@dghp.org.uk

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