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Getting your repairs done

How to report your repair

If your home needs to be repaired you should report the repair to the Customer Service Centre on 0800 011 3447. You can also email us at customerservice@dghp.org.uk – this address is only manned during our office hours.

If you need an emergency repair and it is after 7pm or at the weekend you should telephone the emergency repair service on the same Customer Service Centre number.

When you call, we need to know:

  • Your name, address and telephone number;
  • All the repairs that need to be done;
  • As much information as possible about the repairs. It helps us to order the correct work if you can tell us which room or part of the house needs to be repaired and how the problem happened;
  • Times when someone is usually at home (so that the workers can get access).

What now?

When you report your repair we will tell you:

  • If it is our responsibility or yours. You can find a list of responsibilities that are yours as the tenant and ours as the landlord here;
  • How long it will take to carry out;
  • If we need to inspect the work, we will arrange an appointment for a Technical Inspector to attend. We will offer you a time within 3 working days or at a time that suits you;
  • If there will be any delay in getting the repair carried out because of planned works or financial restraints;
  • Whether or not the repair is a qualifying repair under the right to repair legislation.

How long will it take?

The details of your repair are passed to our contractor as soon as you report it. If a DGHP officer needs to visit your home we won’t order your repair until they have been.

Routine repairs

Once the repairs appointment has been made, we will send you a text reminder telling you the date and time of your appointment.


Our repairs are split into two different types depending on how serious they are, emergency repairs and all other repairs:

Emergency repairs:

These are the repairs which could be a risk to your health and safety or could lead to serious structural damage to the property. We will make these safe in four hours.

Examples of this kind of repair are loss of electricity or a blocked toilet (where there is no other toilet within the property).

All other repairs

‘All other repairs’ is split into a further three types of repairs depending on how serious the repair is:

1. Urgent repairs:

This is a repair that doesn’t warrant an immediate response but will affect the convenience or the comfort of living in your home.We’ll arrange to carry out the repair at a time that suits you. We aim to do so in three working days.

For example: light switches not working in kitchen/bathroom or a leaking shower where there’s no other facility to wash.

2. Routine repairs:

These are the repairs that can be put off for a short period of time without causing discomfort or inconvenience to you or your family. We will arrange to carry out the repair by appointment to suit you. For routine repairs, we aim for 12 working days. If a Technical Inspector has to pre-inspect, it’s 15 working days.

This kind of repair is dripping taps or replacing broken light fittings in living room or bedroom.

3. Non-routine repairs:

These are the repairs that are more unusual jobs. These jobs have a longer timescale for our contractor. This gives ample time to obtain the materials to carry out the work or organise specialist services. Our target time for these repairs is within 28 days.

An example of this kind of repair is the replacement of external doors as they are made to measure.


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