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Antisocial Behaviour

DGHP is committed to dealing with antisocial behaviour (ASB) so that all tenants enjoy their right to peace, quiet and security at home. We have a specialist team dedicated to helping resolve any issues which may arise.

What is antisocial behaviour?

  • Loud parties with music blaring
  • People shouting
  • Screaming or fighting within communal areas
  • Someone having a large number of people in their property with unreasonable levels of noise

What is not antisocial behaviour?

  • Normal domestic living noise like opening and closing internal doors, running a washing machine or hoover
  • Normal levels of dog barking
  • People parking in the wrong place
  • Someone leaving their wheelie bin out
  • Children playing
  • Any personal comments made on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

What happens if you report antisocial behaviour?

We have a policy for dealing with ASB and a procedure for investigating complaints, ensuring that we deal with them appropriately and within agreed timescales and monitor them effectively.

If you are being affected by antisocial behaviour or harassment, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 011 3447 where a Customer Advisor will talk to you about your complaint and tell you what we can do to deal with it.

Being a good neighbour

We all have the right to live peacefully in our home and a responsibility to be a good neighbour to others. While we all want to get along with each other, it is not always easy.  The pressures of modern day life mean we all have our ‘off’ days and we need to make a special effort to get along.  Being antisocial, causing trouble or bothering our neighbours can stop them from enjoying their home.

It is important that people living in flats or semi-detached houses are aware of their neighbours and remember that noise can travel through walls and floors. Please be courteous towards your neighbours to prevent disputes from arising.

Great neighbours make for great neighbourhoods

Our Antisocial Behaviour policy is available to view here.

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