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Home Contents Insurance

DGHP can help our tenants obtain home contents insurance easily and at a price that is affordable.  While many people often hope that nothing will happen to their belongings, sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly.

With a special scheme arranged and administered by Thistle Tenant Risks, DGHP tenants can protect their belongings and gain peace of mind knowing if the unexpected happens they have cover.

Fire, theft, flooding…are you insured?

Thistle Tenant Risks provide affordable hassle-free insurance premiums which you can even pay-as-you-go. These policies are specifically designd for DGHP tenants and offer peace of mind that in an unprecedented situation, your home contents are covered for a price that suits you too.

How much will the insurance cost?

The aim of Thistle Tenant Risks is to provide tenants with an affordable option for home contents insurance. Premiums for standard cover in Dumfries and Galloway start from as little as £1.41 a fortnight (for tenants aged under 55) and just £1.08 a fortnight (for tenants aged 55 and over), and just 86p a fortnight for residents of sheltered housing.

You can request an information pack here, or call 0845 601 7007, or email Thistle Tenant Risks directly here and quote DGHP as your housing provider.

You can also visit their website here.

Why choose Thistle Tenant Risks?

There are loads of reasons that Thistle Tenant Risks may be the best option for home contents cover for you:

  • Payment is easy. You can have flexible, regular pay-as-you-go payments. You can choose how to pay – cash, direct debit, postal order and credit payments are all accepted.
  • There’s no fuss and it’s quick to apply. You either complete a simple application form or give Thistle Tenant Risks a phone on 0845 601 7007 or 01628 586 187 from a mobile.
  • Insurance for realistic sums is available. Policies are built up to suit you and your lifestyle.
  • There’s no excess. You won’t pay for the first part of any claim.
  • Thistle Tenant Risks policies cover theft, water damage, fire and other household risks which will give you peace of mind that your belongings are protected.
  • Policies can also cover damage to internal decorations.

In addition to all of those great benefits, Thistle Tenant Risks policies cover accidental damage to sanitary fixtures such as toilets and washbasins, it also covers damage to external glazing – which you are responsible for, covers lost or stolen keys and freezer contents.

You don’t need to have special door or window locks either – terms, conditions, limits and exclusions do apply but you can discuss this with Thistle who will advise the best route for you personally.

You can also add optional extensions such as personal possessions (cover away from the home), wheelchairs/mobility scooters, hearing aids and building covers for garages, huts and sheds is also available for an additional premium.

Click the logo below to visit the Thistle Tenant Risks website.

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