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Ending your tenancy

How to end your tenancy

Under the conditions of your tenancy agreement you must fill in an ‘end of tenancy’ form and return it to us.

We ask that you give us at least 28 days notice in writing that you are leaving. (All tenancies end on a Sunday, therefore you will be responsible for the payment of rent for the 28 day notice period. When we receive your end of tenancy form, we will write back to you with further detailsof where to hand in the keys, and on what date.

We also ask that you leave your property in a clean and tidy condition and that you remove all furnishings and carpets beforehand. A Neighbourhood Manager will also visit your property before the tenancy ends and will advise you of any decoration or repairs that must be carried out to the property before you leave.

If we find any damage to the property or repairs not carried out as advised, we will charge you the cost of the repairs. If you pay your rent by Direct Debit, please be sure to cancel this with your bank with effect from the date your tenancy ends.

Terminating a tenancy following a death

We know it is a difficult time when someone dies. Our staff are here to help and advise you on how to end the tenancy.

You need to fill in a termination of tenancy following a death form. Until you give DGHP a copy of the death certificate and hand in the keys, charges will accrue equivalent to the weekly rent. Guidance on how to terminate a tenancy following a death is available here.

If you are responsible for clearing a property following the death of a tenant, please contact us on 0800 011 3447 (freephone) or 0845 606 3447 (lo-call) for help and advice.


End of tenancy form

Termination of a tenancy following a death form


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