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Annual servicing

DGHP has a responsibility as a landlord for the health and safety of all tenants in relation to their property. The cornerstone of this is our annual service and safety check for your gas, solid fuel or oil heating system.

DGHP takes the safety of you and your family very seriously. To allow us to do this, and to prevent problems relating to Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning, you must allow us access to your property to carry out this work.

By law, under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, DGHP has an obligation to ensure the health and safety of our tenants. Under the terms of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulation 1998, DGHP is legally bound to carry out an annual service of the heating appliances in your home.

All tenants with gas, solid fuel or oil heating in their homes must allow us access annually to check their systems. This is for your health and safety and is in your interests to allow us into your property – you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

What do I need to do for my annual service?

We will fully inform you of what happens ahead of your service, but in brief: we will write out to you four weeks ahead of the date, we plan to be in your area to check your property. We will tell you that we require access to property.

Then our approved contractor will write to you separately with a specific date for the visit. At this stage you can phone our Customer Service Centre on 0800 011 3447 and change this date if it is not suitable. It is crucial you will allow our engineers access.

You must also have credit in your gas and electric meter so that the service can be carried out.

Finally, two days before your service date, DGHP will send you a text message, again confirming all the details of your service. It is of the utmost importance that we have your up-to-date mobile phone number for this service to work effectively.

What if I don’t allow access to my property?

If we have to arrange a forced entry to your property, DGHP will apply a fixed recharge. This fee will be applied, irrespective of whether or not you allow us access at this stage. Current legislation states that we must carry out this work and our policies state that we will make 3 attempts to service your appliance. A further visit will be attempted by DGHP staff and our contractor. Due to the high number of recurring no-access visits, DGHP will pursue the recovery of recharges through the necessary procedures.


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