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These are repairs (usually external) such as fencing, footpaths, major plastering jobs and external works which require scaffolding which are carried out within 28 working days.

Who is responsible for repairs?

By law we must:

  • Make sure that wind and rain can’t get into your home;
  • Maintain the installations in your home which supply gas, water, electricity and drainage (but not your cooker or any other of your own appliances); and
  • Keep your home safe and remove any dangers.

If you damage the property (even by accident) or do not take care of it, it will usually be up to you to get the repair done and pay for it. This also applies if someone who lives with you, or is visiting you, damages the property.

If we repair damage which is your responsibility we will recharge you the cost plus an administration charge. Minor repairs (e.g. changing a light bulb) are the responsibility of the tenant.

Insurance claims

You might be able to claim back the cost of getting a rechargeable repair done from your contents insurance. Check your policy to see if you are covered for accidental damage. If you don’t have contents insurance you should consider getting some.

DGHP tenants get special access to an insurance deal from insurance provider Thistle Tenant Risks. You can find out more about the deal and prices here.

If your house was damaged by a fire or flood, for example, we would repair the structure of your home but we wouldn’t be responsible for decorating your house or replacing your belongings unless you could prove that the damage was our fault.

If you’re not in when the workmen call

They will leave a card to say they have been. If you reported a routine or urgent repair and are not in when the workers call, you should contact the contractor (their number will be on the card) to arrange another visit. If you don’t contact the contractor the repair will be cancelled. If you reported an emergency repair, the workers will visit and make it safe within four hours. You must make sure there is someone at home to let them in.

If the repair is late

If the repair is not done within the timescale or appointment we promised please contact the Customer Service Centre straight away. We will arrange for the repair to be done.

If you’re not happy with the repair once it is done

If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the repair or the workers who carried it out please contact the Customer Service Centre. We will send a Technical Inspector to check the repair. We also have an official complaints procedure. You can also use this if you are unhappy with the way we or our contractor have dealt with your repair.

Our complaints policy is available to view here.


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